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Credit Card

Free Consultation

Credit tracking on a daily basis allows you to keep track of improvements to your credit report profile. Regularly checking your credit report and score, combined with the power of credit monitoring, gives you the ability to spot adjustments when they happen and react quickly if anything unexpected occurs.

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Complementary Consultation

Step 1

During your free credit counseling appointment, your consultant will assess your current credit condition and provide a specific action plan to help you improve your credit score. Unlike other companies, we offer three pricing levels based on your needs, as well as your initial free credit counseling session, ongoing credit education through your active membership, and other educational products and services included in your membership. When your initial counseling is complete, proceed to Step 2 Credit Monitoring.

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 Credit Monitoring 

Step 2

To start using IdentityIQ's credit monitoring service, you need to give a few pieces of information. The registration process is short. IdentityIQ's comprehensive suite of monitoring solutions actively monitors and notifies you and us about changes to your credit record, allowing us to take fast action! After signing up for credit monitoring services, proceed to Step 3 and become a Thriver!

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Become a Thriver

Step 3

You will be working with our knowledgeable credit experts, who are eager to assist you. Don't have time for a phone call? Every week you will get free credit tips, educational resources, and you'll meet with your credit coach every two weeks via Zoom or phone call to answer any questions you may have. When you're ready to move from surviving to thriving, click "Start Thriving" to get started!

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